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Driveway Ord 1988-3
Recreation Ord 1988-1
Road Drainage Ord 1991-1
Rules & Regulations 1988-2
Vehicless Ord 1988-4
Water Ord 1987-2
Right of Way

Ordinance Complaint Form
Police Complaint Form

Candlewood Shores Tax District Charter
CSTD Charter

The CSTDWD maintains the distribution system that runs throughout the Shores. It also monitors the 7 wells and pumps for those wells. We have a pump house and a pressure station along with two storage tanks. The water is tested regularly twice a month to insure that it is potable.

*** Welcome to Candlewood Shores Tax District, remember the speed limit is 25MPH on all our roads***

Candlewood Shores is located on Candlewood Lake in Brookfield, Connecticut and was developed in 1948 by Ralph and Raymond Reynolds of Danbury as a private community for summer recreation.  In 1963, the Reynolds brothers offered to sell the common areas of the community to the residents but there was not enough support among the residents to complete the purchase.

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Candlewood Shores offers it's homeowners beach, boating, and playground facilities located on the beautiful shores of Candlewood Lake. Many families believe that the Candlewood Shores beach is one of the prettiest and well maintained beaches on Candlewood Lake.